Yakima River Float

April 9, 2020 Adventures

March 7th, 2020:

The weekend started off with a long drive, as the best ones usually do. It's been a long winter and I was happy to be outside for more than an afternoon, seeing some blue sky and sun was a bonus. After meeting up with my friends Rob and Teddi, we found a campsite along the river, and nestled into our respective cars to get some sleep. The morning always comes early when you're fishing.

This was my first time in a drift boat, I'm used to spending my days bushwacking and navigating slippery river rocks, so effortlessly floating miles of river was a treat. Unfortunately Rob and Teddi's dog Riley didn't find the float as enjoyable. He struggled to entertain himself in the small space, and chose barking as a way to release his pent up energy. Our patience was tested, but it's hard to be mad at a pup, plus he had some adorable moments to make up for it.

We're relatively new to this river, and we struggled to find the right strategy. We saw other boats pulling in fish after fish while we tried every fly we could think of. Eventually we got some action, with the highlight being a large fish Teddi hooked into late in the day. Rob anchored the boat on the side of the river, and I jumped out with the net. Unfortunately the fish broke free and taught us a few lessons in teamwork and communication. Oh well, there's always next time.

The day ended with dinner around a campfire, and hopes of a successful tomorrow, but two of us woke up ill, and we waived the white flag. Trips don't always work out the way you want them too, but you can almost always guarantee it will be better than staying home.